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  • A devastating house fire left a family with four children with no choice but to sleep on the floor since this summer of 2023. Thanks to your heartfelt donations 4 the Love Foundation, was able to bring warmth and comfort back into their lives with new bunk beds, plush mattresses, and soft sheets. Their gratitude and excitement are immeasurable.

  • With the help of your donations, we were able to assist a fellow community member who was fleeing from an abusive relationship and needed support to leave her current living situation and start anew. We generously gifted her several gas cards, enabling her to move forward with her life. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence so they can live their lives free of abuse.  Call  1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

  • Hello 4 the Love community! Partnering with Together!, we're aiding a family with a young child facing significant medical challenges that require numerous trips to Seattle for treatment. The mother is dedicatedly staying with her ailing child, preventing her from working, while the father juggles his full-time job, commuting, and caring for their other child. Thanks to your generous contributions, we've been able to provide this family with the necessary fuel for their many journeys.

  • 4 the Love Community, in partnership with Together!, came together to support a local mother in a challenging time. With her child undergoing treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital, she was struggling to manage her phone bills and the increasing cost of gas. Our joint efforts ensured she remained connected and could travel without worry. Through such actions, we aim to promote unity, enhance economic stability, and highlight the importance of compassion and teamwork.

  •  In the heartwarming spirit of "it takes a village," a promising local middle school student, passionate about sports and with a bright future ahead, began experiencing a decline in self-confidence. Concerned, the school psychologist noticed his academic struggles but understood that his single mother couldn't afford tutoring. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when Together! and 4 the Love Foundation joined forces to extend their helping hands. They generously paid for the student's tutoring. This collaboration exemplifies the power of community support in nurturing a young mind's potential.

  •   4 the Love Foundation rallied our friends, family, and neighbors for support to help a school-age child start completely over. There is nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing a child lose everything in an unexpected tragedy. Together, we put clothes in their closet, shoes on their feet, fulfilled Amazon Wishlist’s, and put food on their table. Our local partner Olympia Motors backed us in a hefty repair of the family vehicle for reliable transportation. With the help of one of our other local partners, Olympia Furniture, a complete bedroom set was donated and delivered. And our very own Nicole Andres, owner of Nicole’s Bar, made sure they had new sheets, cozy blankets, restful pillows, and a lamp to illuminate this difficult new beginning.

  •   4 the Love Foundation recently provided support to a local family that was struck by an immense tragedy that caused sudden displacement. A tenacious mom continuously searched for employment and stable housing while alternating between fridged temperatures in her car and various hotels with her 3 elementary school aged children for an entire month. The weekend finally arrived where they secured permanent housing, however there was a gap in funds for their final hotel stay. 4 the Love Foundation leaped into action, filled in the gap, and provided financial support. This is just one of many unexpected events that 4 the Love Foundation board members are quick to act on and help narrow gaps while our community members are in transition.

  •   Grateful for your kind donations! Imagine a world where simple necessities like groceries aren't guaranteed. At '4 the Love', we're committed to ensuring everyone's basic needs are fulfilled. Thanks to your generosity, we can bridge the gaps and make a difference!  #TogetherWeCan

  •   Thanks to the heartfelt generosity of our community, a neighbor was able to secure legal consultation for the guardianship of a vulnerable unaccompanied youth. Your kindness truly showcased the spirit of togetherness and compassion. Thank you for helping 4 the Love fulfill our mission.

  •   4 the Love Foundation has been called upon by families grappling with the distressing concern of their ill child needing medical treatment beyond Thurston county, requiring a trip to Seattle. In such trying times, no family should be burdened with the added strain of wondering how they'll afford their home, provide food and clothing, or even fill up their vehicle for the crucial journey to get their child the lifesaving care they need. Your generous contribution ensures these families can focus solely on their child's well-being.

  •   We believe every high school student in our area should feel included in school events. Project Prom helps to remove the barrier of formal wear costs so all students who want to attend their school dance have the opportunity. We are excited to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County, they are collecting new and gently used formal wear to provide to students at no cost

  •   Love and compassion are precisely what our community brought on Saturday night at our 1st Annual Gala. We are bubbling over with exuberance to give YOU a shout out. We invited the community to our 1st Annual Gala and boy did YOU show up!!! Even though YOU were surrounded by glamour, glitz, drinks, desserts, and great food the goal was ever present in your hearts! With over 60 volunteers and 145 community members in attendance, the funds YOU donated will assist us in filling numerous gaps throughout our beloved community. With your generous support this event has made a substantial impact allowing us to continue to carry out our mission. YOUR dollars will assist someone struggling with unplanned unemployment or sudden houselessness. A neighbor or family member trying to escape domestic violence, a friend impacted by a natural disaster, any resident needing a hand up with everyday essentials. Please give YOURSELVES a round of applause for helping us raise $58,000!!

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