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The 4 the Love Foundation is passionately committed to fostering unity and advocating for those in need within Thurston County. Recognizing the numerous challenges that exist right in our own backyard, our mission is to fill essential gaps in resources and services, enabling our community members to rise above their circumstances. We encourage our extended network and beyond to participate in this community-driven mission, as we believe strongly that in unity, we rise. Through compassionate action, collective impact, and a deep sense of shared responsibility, we aim to make a transformative and lasting difference, one act of love at a time.

Our Story

Founded in 2021 by community leaders Tessa Effland and Nicole Andres, the 4 the Love Foundation was born out of a shared vision to strengthen our community by helping our neighbors in need. Recognizing the power of collaboration, Tessa and Nicole united their efforts and resources, creating a powerful network that provides a soft landing for those facing hardship. Joined by six dynamic, passionate women, our team is committed to filling in essential gaps and addressing the challenges that exist right here in Thurston County. Our mission is to foster unity and advocate for all those in need, believing strongly that in unity, we rise. We encourage everyone within our network and beyond to join us in this community aid endeavor. Together, we are making a transformative difference, one act of love at a time.


Financial Assistance: Providing crucial financial aid to individuals and families in need.

Housing Support: Assistance with rent, mortgage payments, and hotel stays for those facing eviction or homelessness.

Food Support: Ensuring families have access to nutritious meals.

Gas Support: Helping with transportation costs to ensure access to essential services.
Family Emergency Support: Bridging the gap in times of crisis when our partner organizations are unable to assist.

Support for Domestic Violence Survivors: Financial assistance to help individuals escape unsafe situations.

Christmas Gifts for Foster Kids: Providing holiday cheer and gifts for local foster children.

Gap-Filling Assistance: Stepping in to provide support where other resources fall short.

We quickly respond to urgent needs, from providing hotel stays for evicted families, supplying groceries and gas cards for parents traveling for medical treatments. Other essentials like car repairs and utility bills. We also assist with children's tutoring and have assited helping parents with legal consoltations. In emergencies, such as late-night requests from individuals escaping domestic violence, we quickly provide financial support for a fresh start.

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